who have interest in such and also to create avenues for those individuals with innovative ideas.

Our Mission is to utilize natural resources to the benefit of the people, and to have those resources accessible to those entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Crude Oil

We facilitate the purchase and sales of BLCO in Nigeria. 


Iron Ore

Our partners have acquired the license to explore a vast quantity of land with enormous Iron ore in the western part of Nigeria. This Iron ore is visible above the surface of the land. Investors are welcome.


Authorized Automobile Dealer

We are proud to be one of the registered and licensed automobile dealer in Texas.

Real Estate

Lease and sale of property through our partners in Nigeria.


Our vision is to create an environment whereby the consumer, seller and buyer experience an efficient and professional transaction that evolves into a powerful network.

Our Vision

Corporate Profile
It all started as a dream. That dream met with ideas and innovation, and gave birth to this unique company called OMOYEMI GROUP. OMOYEMI GROUP values team work, passion, commitment and its relentless efforts and dedicated service has led the company to where it is today.
Established as a small firm in 2006, the company has earned a reputable name in the real estate and commercial property management industry in Nigeria. We started by facilitating the lease of stores, shops and shopping complexes to hundreds of individuals and corporate entities. We also leased and sold various land and landed properties to the defunct Oceanic Bank, (now Ekobank), FCMB, Federal Government parastatals, Edmond project, and so many others across Nigeria. OMOYEMI GROUP also partnered with Obadara Kings & Queens Venture Nig Ltd from 2008-2010 in construction and leasing out of shopping complexes developed by our partners amongst others.

Today Omoyemi Group is a licensed automobile dealer registered in the state of Texas, that sales automobiles to the general public and purchases and supplies armoured vehicles to individuals, corporate executives, and high ranking political officer holders. Our company also facilitates the selling

and buying of BLCO from genuine and performing sellers and buyers of BLCO with direct access to both parties vis-a-vis. OMOYEMI GROUP  has continues to expand its global footprints focusing on markets over the world. OMOYEMI GROUP has vast experience in facilitating the sales of BLCO, leasing, selling and forms partnership with other reputable companies.

The company has expended its business objects to include the above listed products and services from and to other countries. It focuses on developing the latest innovative ideas to get business done safer, better and more efficiently.

About Our Company